Lore of the Memes

There are many incredible memes out there that people have created and reused. Many of the Meme templates people use daily have an incredible/ interesting backstory to them.

This meme picture is called “Disaster Girl”, the backstory to it is that in 2004, the girl in the picture and her father were watching their local fire department perform a training exercise, and her father snapped a perfectly times picture

The meme is called ” Overly Attached Girlfriend”. This meme originated when Lana Morris created a parody song named “Girlfriend” to make fun of Justin Bieber’s song “Boyfriend”.

This meme happened recently when actor Will Smith slapped Chris Rock during the Oscars. Will Smith slapped him for disrespecting his wife Jada and after the slap he proceeded to yell at Chris Rock to keep his wife’s name out of his mouth.

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